Customer Testimonials


We just got home from our ride with you today.  The weather was perfect, as was the train ride.   Please don’t ever change anything!  We had a wonderful time today and want to thank you for your outstanding service and will be back many more times in the future.

Gary L. Noecker, CRPC

Hello Crystal,

My husband and I rode the train this past Sunday to Jim Thorpe. The train ride was very nice and our time in Jim Thorpe was wonderful-perfect day 😊

Enjoyed being able to sit back and check out all the sites along the way. The train seats were quite spacious and comfortable. We had brought along a few snacks but didn’t realize there was space for a small cooler to bring extra-now we know for next time!

Traveling the route we did, it would be nice to have some time of narrative explaining some of the areas/places as we passed by and/or over. We could learn a little bit of the history as we go!

We will definitely share our experience with others and encourage them to take a ride! Our next adventure to Jim Thorpe will be to do the bike trails!

Thanks again.

Enjoy your day!

Georgine/Barry Spengler

Dear Crystal,

You certainly made our day! My family of 30 (plus me) took the train ride to Jim Thorpe from Reading and back on September 15, 2018.

Everyone loved the train ride and greatly enjoyed the day. We all had a grand time. The trip was in celebration of my 80th birthday.

For me, it was a reminder of years ago, when I often rode on the trains.  For some in the family it was their first time on a train.

It was a trip we will all long remember. Thank you for your help.

Sue Doherty

My daughter and I were on the 9/23 trip to Jim Thorpe.  What a relaxing way to travel.  The ride was very smooth, and not at a high speed.  The personnel were all very nice, knowledgeable and courteous.  I will recommend trip to others.  Thank you for an enjoyable day,

Kathy Harvey

Dear Ms Arndt

 I wanted to let you know that I totally enjoyed my trip on your RDC excursion. The staff was friendly, always accepting questions and very accommodating. The trip was exciting for me, I always wanted to ride this particular train. The information sheet was with good information and the weather was cooperative. I am sure that some future date I may take another excursion on the Reading and Northern Railroad.

 Philip Caroselli

Just a quick shout out to the staff at Reading and Northern Passenger trains to JT - you all are just wonderful. Polite, kind and very helpful. Special shout out to Crystal Arndt who made a disappointing situation MUCH better thanks to her quick thinking and attentiveness. An absolute asset to the rail road! Can't wait for our trip in October - All aboard!!!!!

Dear Friends at Reading Railways,

Thank you for your great train facility!  My family and I immensely enjoyed our trip to Jim Thorpe on August 4th!

Your cars are well refurbished and beautiful and comfy.  The tracks are so smooth!  What a terrific ride!

The city of Jim Thorpe is a sweet town – unique to itself!  Enjoyed walking the streets and visiting shops.

Thank you for having snacks on your train! Great variety and great prices!

But, absolutely the best thing about the whole excursion was your lovely staff!  Wonderful people – each one.  Helpful, go the tenth mile to help, answer all questions, are friendly and really know their jobs!  Very down to earth and willing to talk with us as though they knew us forever!

Crystal is exceptional!  She is so fun to listen to and I find she is very creative and energetic!  She’s the perfect girl for the job she’s in!  I pray the best for her in finding various theme trips!  She is an exceptional person.

Thank you, Crystal, for taking my little granddaughter to the restroom at the stop in Port Clinton!  You are the best!

Can’t wait to take other trips and to buy trips as gifts!

Thank you, Mr. Muller, for your generous gift to our area and for your sacrificial giving to make the train cars available.  You’re a man of vision!

Dolly Collins,

 Hi Crystal,

I was a passenger on Saturday's excursion from the Outer Reading station to Jim Thorpe on Saturday.  I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the trip and the great service provided by you and the entire team, as well as to thank you for keeping us informed of progress while we encountered the technical difficulties with the RDCs.  You did a WAY better job than any airline I've flown on in the past 5 years at sharing timely information, explaining what needed to be done and why, and providing updated ETAs for resuming our journey.  I had no idea how comfortable the RDCs are!

 In closing, I look forward to my next adventure on a Reading and Northern Railroad (or Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway) train!  Please feel free to share this with your leadership team as you deem appropriate.

 Take care and have a great day!

 Best Regards,